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Vishay-Dale NTHS0805N01N5002JE NTC Thermistor 50K Ohm 5% 0805: A Comprehensive Guide


We will be discussing the Vishay-Dale NTHS0805N01N5002JE NTC Thermistor in this blog post. This component provides a practical solution for temperature sensing and compensation in a variety of electronic applications. Please note that this blog post is a general guide to the part numbers of electronic components and may not cover every detail. Before making any decisions, consult the manufacturer's data leaflet for accurate information.

Product Description:

The Vishay-Dale NTHS0805N01N5002JE is a 50K Ohm NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistor with a 5% tolerance. It comes in a popular SMD (Surface Mount Device) component footprint, the 0805 package. This small dimension makes it suitable for use in a variety of compact electronic designs, enabling accurate temperature measurement and compensation.

Features and Advantages:

- NTC Thermistor: The NTHS0805N01N5002JE operates according to the negative temperature coefficient principle, which means its resistance decreases as the temperature rises. This characteristic makes it suitable for applications involving temperature sensing.

- High Sensitivity: The Vishay-Dale NTHS0805N01N5002JE offers high sensitivity to variations in temperature, ensuring accurate readings and dependable temperature compensation.

- Broad Operating Temperature Range: With a resistance of 50K Ohms, this thermistor can be used across a broad temperature range, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

- 0805 Package: The 0805 package's small dimension enables simple integration onto printed circuit boards and offers space-saving benefits for small form factor designs.

- Vishay-Dale Quality: Vishay-Dale is a well-known manufacturer renowned for producing electronic components of superior performance and dependability.


We discussed the Vishay-Dale NTHS0805N01N5002JE NTC Thermistor in this blog post. Its 50K Ohm resistance, 5% tolerance, and 0805 package make it a valuable temperature sensing and compensation component for a variety of electronic applications. However, it is imperative to always consult the manufacturer's data document for accurate and comprehensive specifications. Remember that this is a general guide that may not cover all aspects of the component mentioned.

Visit if you are interested in purchasing the Vishay-Dale NTHS0805N01N5002JE NTC Thermistor. Sierra IC Inc. is a reputable distributor offering a vast selection of electronic components, such as this thermistor.


This is a general guide and should not be considered exhaustive. For complete and accurate specifications, it is crucial to cross-reference this information with the manufacturer's official documentation. Any decisions should be based on the manufacturer's most current information.


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