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UMA1H010MDD1TP from Nichicon: A Reliable Aluminum Capacitor for Electronics


Welcome to our blog article on the Nichicon UMA1H010MDD1TP Aluminum Capacitor! In this guide, we will provide an overview of this electronic component part number, highlighting its features and benefits. It is crucial to remember that this blog article is not a complete reference to electrical component part numbers. Before making any purchase decisions, we always recommend reviewing the manufacturer's data sheet for complete information.

Nichicon's UMA1H010MDD1TP is a high-quality aluminum capacitor made by a well-known company in the electrical component business. Because of its high reliability and performance, this capacitor is extensively employed in a variety of applications.

Aluminum capacitors are critical components in electronic circuits for energy storage and voltage control. Their high capacitance values make them appropriate for applications needing significant amounts of stored electrical energy. The UMA1H010MDD1TP capacitor offers a capacitance value of 1µF, ensuring optimal performance in diverse electronic systems.

Nichicon, known for its commitment to quality, has engineered the UMA1H010MDD1TP capacitor to withstand demanding operational conditions. It is extremely stable across a wide temperature range and has a low equivalent series resistance (ESR). As a result, it is a dependable solution for applications requiring consistent voltage supply and high-frequency operation.

It is critical to consult to the manufacturer's data sheet for complete specifications, electrical properties, and operating conditions while selecting electronic components. This ensures the UMA1H010MDD1TP capacitor's compatibility and optimal use in your specific application.

To purchase the UMA1H010MDD1TP aluminum capacitor or explore other electronic components, we recommend visiting Sierra IC Inc is a dependable provider of electronic components from recognized manufacturers.


This blog entry is intended to serve as a basic reference on electronic component part numbers and to offer an overview of the Nichicon UMA1H010MDD1TP Aluminum Capacitor. It should be emphasized, however, that the material presented here is not exhaustive. We recommend consulting the manufacturer's data sheet for complete and accurate information. Sierra IC Inc is identified as a supplier, however before making any purchase choices, please perform your own research and due diligence.

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