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TVX1C470MAD from Nichicon: An In-Depth Look at a Powerful Electronic Part

When it comes to electrical parts, the name TVX1C470MAD from Nichicon is a sign of power and dependability. It is a 47-microfarad tantalum capacitor, which makes it a great choice for uses that need both a high capacitance and a low equivalent series resistance (ESR).

The TVX1C470MAD can work at temperatures between -55°C and +85°C and has a power limit of 16V. The capacitor is also made to be resistant to shocks and vibrations, so it can be used in places that are rough.

One of the most interesting things about this part is how small it is—it's only 5mm x 12mm. This makes it great for small devices and gadgets where room is limited.

Nichicon made the TVX1C470MAD with a black housing that is made to meet rules for handling dangerous materials. This makes it safe to use and throw away in many places.

It's important to remember that it's always a good idea to check the manufacturer's data sheet before making any decisions or purchases. Also, this guide to part names for electrical components is not complete and should only be used to get a general idea.

This high-powered electronic part can be bought at Sierra IC Inc, a trusted seller of electronic parts for many different businesses. We sell a wide range of electrical parts made by trustworthy companies.

In conclusion, the TVX1C470MAD from Nichicon is a great choice for uses that need high capacitance, low ESR, and dependability. Its small size, ability to withstand shocks and vibrations, and housing that is safe for handling dangerous materials make it the perfect part for many electronic tools and devices. Before using, make sure to look at the info sheet from the maker.

This is not a complete list of part numbers for electrical components. Instead, it is a general guide. Before making a choice, you should always look at the data sheet from the maker. This blog is owned by Sierra IC INC and no one else.

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