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STMicroelectronics CLT3-4BT6: Exploring the Current Limited Over-Voltage Protected Quad Digital Term


STMicroelectronics' CLT3-4BT6 is a current restricted over-voltage protected quad digital termination designed to assure the appropriate operation and safety of electronic circuits. In this blog article, we will look at the CLT3-4BT6's characteristics, uses, and advantages.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of electrical component part numbers. Before making any decisions, always consult the manufacturer's datasheet.


To eliminate signal reflection, noise, and other problems that might degrade performance, electronic circuits require good termination. STMicroelectronics' CLT3-4BT6 distinguishes out as a dependable solution with current-limiting and over-voltage protection features, guaranteeing optimal circuit functioning.


1. Current Limiting: The CLT3-4BT6 has current limiting capability that protects the circuit by limiting the amount of current that may flow through it, safeguarding sensitive components and preventing damage.

2. Over-Voltage Protection: Over-voltage protection is provided by this quad digital termination, insulating the circuit from voltage spikes and transients that can cause malfunctions or irreversible damage. It serves as a protective barrier, diverting excess voltage away from the components.

3. Quad Digital Termination: The CLT3-4BT6 is designed for digital circuit applications and includes four termination channels that may be operated separately. This adaptability enables fine-tuning and optimization in response to individual design needs.


1. Data Centers, Telecommunications Networks, and High-Speed Digital Interfaces: The CLT3-4BT6 is widely used in data centers, telecommunications networks, and high-speed digital interfaces. Because of its capacity to manage current constraints and over-voltage protection, it is perfect for guaranteeing dependable signal integrity and minimizing potential disturbances.

2. Industrial Automation: The CLT3-4BT6 can avoid voltage fluctuations and safeguard sensitive digital components from electrical noise in industrial automation situations where dependable control systems are critical. This provides seamless functioning and reduces the likelihood of system failure.

3. Automotive Electronics: As automotive electronics become more complicated, the CLT3-4BT6 provides an effective solution for safeguarding digital circuits in automobiles. Its current limiting and over-voltage protection features protect vital electronic systems from potential voltage surge damage, hence improving overall vehicle safety and performance.


STMicroelectronics' CLT3-4BT6 is a flexible and dependable current-limited over-voltage protected quad digital termination. Its qualities and uses emphasize its significance in a variety of sectors where electronic circuits are vulnerable to interruption. Before making any purchase choice, remember to consult the manufacturer's datasheet for complete details.

Disclaimer: This blog article is a broad guide and may not cover all of the CLT3-4BT6's technical information and specs. For accurate and up-to-date information, always refer to STMicroelectronics' official datasheet. Visit to acquire the CLT3-4BT6 or to read more about electronic components. Sierra IC Inc is a reliable provider that provides a diverse selection of electronic components.

Note: Sierra IC Inc developed this blog article to give relevant information about the CLT3-4BT6 from STMicroelectronics, and it is only for informative reasons.

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Happy Holidays

Sierra IC is closed for the holidays. We will reopen January 2, 2024


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