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ON Semiconductor FSL336LRLX: An Overview of AC-DC Conv Buck 26V LSOP 7


This blog article will offer an overview of the ON Semiconductor FSL336LRLX component. We will specifically examine its performance as an AC-DC Conv Buck with a voltage rating of 26V and an LSOP 7 chip. Please note that while this guide aims to cover key information about the FSL336LRLX, it is not exhaustive. Before making any decisions, we recommend reviewing the manufacturer's datasheet for complete specs.

ON Semiconductor's FSL336LRLX is a high-efficiency AC-DC Convert Buck component. It has exceptional power conversion capabilities in applications needing a voltage rating of 26V thanks to its LSOP 7 packaging. This particular component has excellent power control, making it appropriate for a wide range of electrical devices and systems.


1. AC-DC Conversion Efficiency: The FSL336LRLX component excels at converting AC power to DC power with minimal energy loss.

2. LSOP 7 Package: The LSOP 7 package (Lead Small Outline Package) provides a small and space-saving alternative for incorporating this component in various circuit designs.

3. Voltage Rating: The FSL336LRLX can fulfill the power requirements of various electronic systems by operating at a constant 26V voltage.

4. Reliability: ON Semiconductor is known for making dependable electronic components, and the FSL336LRLX is no exception. It guarantees long-term performance and durability.


This blog post is a basic reference to electrical component part numbers, focusing on the ON Semiconductor FSL336LRLX. It is crucial to remember, however, that this information may not cover all of the component's detailed intricacies and requirements. As a result, before making any decisions or incorporating the FSL336LRLX in your project, we highly advise you to consult the manufacturer's datasheet for complete and accurate information.

If you are interested in purchasing the FSL336LRLX or other electronic components, you can find it at Sierra IC Inc. As an authorized distributor of various top-quality components, Sierra IC Inc. offers a wide range of products to meet your electronic component needs.

Disclaimer: This blog post is written in collaboration with Sierra IC Inc. It is an educational guide to the ON Semiconductor FSL336LRLX component and its characteristics. Sierra IC Inc., on the other hand, is entirely responsible for the sale and distribution of the aforementioned product.


With its 26V voltage rating and LSOP 7 packaging, ON Semiconductor's FSL336LRLX is a remarkable AC-DC Convert Buck component. Its excellent power conversion makes it appropriate for a wide range of electrical applications. Remember to read the manufacturer's datasheet for complete information before making a selection. Sierra IC Inc., a respected electronic component distributor, sells the FSL336LRLX and other components.

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