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MPXV6115VC6U: The High Temperature Accuracy Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor for Your Electronic A

Are you looking for a dependable, high-performance pressure sensor for your electronic projects? Look no further than the NXP-USA-INC MPXV6115VC6U, a pressure sensor with outstanding temperature accuracy and calibration.

The MPXV6115VC6U is a silicon pressure sensor that is intended for use in a variety of applications such as automotive, medical, and industrial. It has on-chip signal conditioning to reduce the need for additional circuitry, as well as temperature adjustment to assure reliable readings even in high-temperature situations.

The MPXV6115VC6U has a high precision in measuring pressure, with a full-scale span of 115 kPa and an accuracy of 1.5% of the span. Furthermore, the sensor is calibrated and temperature adjusted, ensuring consistent and accurate readings independent of ambient temperature.

Sierra IC understands the significance of supplying high-quality, dependable components to our clients. As a result, we only purchase components from reputed manufacturers such as NXP-USA-INC, guaranteeing that our clients obtain products that fulfill their needs and expectations.

If you want to buy the MPXV6115VC6U or any other electrical component, you can count on us to deliver high-quality goods and outstanding customer service. To learn more about our goods and services, please contact us immediately.

Disclaimer: This is a blog for Sierra IC Inc and the information provided here is for informational purposes only. Sierra IC Inc assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the information provided. It is important to consult the manufacturer's data sheet before making any decision.

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