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LT8609SIV-PBF: A Versatile Regulator, DC to AC Converter, and Switching Solution from Linear Technol

The LT8609SIV-PBF from Linear Technology-Analog Devices is a great choice if you need a strong, flexible, and reliable electrical part for your next project. This regulator, DC-to-AC converter, and switching solution combines high efficiency, small size, and advanced features to give you great performance and freedom in a variety of uses.

Regulator Functionality

The LT8609SIV-PBF is a synchronous step-down regulator that can output up to 2.5A of continuous current and has good load and line control. It works with input voltages from 3.4V to 42V, so it can be used in many different systems that need stable and efficient power conversion. It also has a current sense amplifier built in, which makes accurate current-limit security and current tracking possible. This makes the system more reliable and safe.

DC to AC Conversion

The LT8609SIV-PBF can work as both a step-down regulator and a DC-to-AC converter. This is because it has a bipolar transistor built in that can switch in and out of the ground path. This is an innovative feature that lets it run a transformer or piezoelectric element to change DC voltage to AC voltage, which is useful for providing power for different industrial, automotive, and communication uses.

Switching Capabilities

The LT8609SIV-PBF is different from other regulators because it can switch in ways that older regulators can't. It works in a low idle current mode, which means it uses less power when the load is low. This makes handheld devices' batteries last longer. It also has a customizable switching frequency that can be set between 100kHz and 3MHz. This means that it can work with a wide range of inductors and capacitors and meet a variety of power needs.

The LT8609SIV-PBF can be bought at We're proud to offer our customers all over the world components made by reputable companies that are of the highest quality. Get in touch with us today to find out more or to place your order.

Disclaimer : This is a general guide to the part names of electrical components, but it doesn't cover everything. Before making any choice, you should always look at the information from the maker. The LT8609SIV-PBF also has a lot of other features we couldn't talk about in this post. Please look at the original datasheet from Linear Technology-Analog Devices for more technical details.

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Happy Holidays

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