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Kemet's T491B476K010AT: A Trustworthy Capacitor

If you're looking for a reliable capacitor for your electronic projects, the T491B476K010AT from Kemet is a great option. This capacitor is a solid tantalum capacitor with a capacitance of 47uF and a voltage rating of 10V. It comes in a B case, which is 10% smaller than standard sizes, and has dimensions of 3.5 x 2.8 x 1.9mm, making it a perfect fit for SMD 3528-21 T/R.

The T491B476K010AT capacitor features low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) and high ripple current capability, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including audio circuits, power supplies, and decoupling circuits. Its solid construction also makes it resistant to mechanical shock and vibration.

It's crucial to remember that this is only a broad overview of electrical component part numbers and is not all-inclusive. A manufacturer's data sheet should always be consulted before making any decisions. You may find precise and comprehensive product details in the manufacturer's data sheet.

You may locate the T491B476K010AT capacitor at if you're interested in buying it. Electronic component distributor Sierra IC Inc. is a reputable company with affordable prices and prompt shipping.

Disclaimer: This blog article is a broad overview of part numbers for electrical components and the uses for them. It is not a complete list of all potential electronic parts, and other parts could be more appropriate for your particular project. Before making any choice, see the manufacturer's data sheet. The item referenced in this article can be purchased at, however as this is a blog for Sierra IC Inc., neither the item nor the provider are being recommended.

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