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Cirrus Logic Inc's CS4272-CZZ: A Comprehensive Guide to the 114 dB ADC/DAC


Welcome to our blog post where we provide you with a general guide on the CS4272-CZZ, an advanced electronic component from Cirrus Logic Inc. Specifically, we will focus on its remarkable 114 dB analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) capabilities. Please note that this guide aims to give you a basic understanding of this component, but it is not exhaustive. Before making any decisions, always consult the manufacturer's data sheet for comprehensive information.

The CS4272-CZZ is an exceptional electronic component designed by Cirrus Logic Inc, a trusted leader in the semiconductor industry. With an astounding 114 dB performance, this cutting-edge ADC/DAC provides unrivaled accuracy. It is suited for professional audio equipment, consumer electronics, and other applications that demand high-resolution audio conversion.

The process of converting analog signals, such as sound waves, into digital format so that they may be processed or stored in digital systems is referred to as ADC. DAC, on the other hand, does the opposite, turning digital information back into analog impulses. The 114 dB rating of the CS4272-CZZ indicates its ability to perform precise and high-quality conversion with minimum loss of audio information.

It is important to note that while this blog post provides a good starting point, it is always crucial to consult the manufacturer's data sheet for precise specifications, electrical characteristics, and recommended usage guidelines. This enables you to make educated decisions and optimize the performance of this component in your design or project.


This blog post is a basic reference to understanding electrical component part numbers, with a special focus on the Cirrus Logic Inc. CS4272-CZZ. It is crucial to note, however, that the information presented here is not thorough, and it is always advised to consult the manufacturer's official data sheet for complete and precise facts. Sierra IC Inc is a reputable distributor of the CS4272-CZZ and other electrical components. For additional information, go to

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