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AVX Corporation Molded Tantalum Capacitor TPSB107K006R0400: Unleashing Performance and Reliability


The proper component selection is crucial for achieving the best performance and dependability when constructing electrical circuits. The AVX Corporation Molded Tantalum Capacitor, part number TPSB107K006R0400, is a fantastic component that we would like to present to you today. This capacitor is positioned to improve the performance of several electrical devices thanks to its remarkable characteristics and low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance).

Superior Performance:

An excellent tantalum capacitor with great performance in terms of capacitance, tolerance, and voltage rating is the TPSB107K006R0400. With a capacitance of 100uF, a tolerance of 10%, and a voltage rating of 6.3V, this capacitor is well-suited for a wide range of applications, including power supplies, decoupling circuits, and filter circuits.

Low ESR for Enhanced Efficiency:

The TPSB107K006R0400 capacitor provides effective power transmission and filtering due to its low ESR. For applications where efficiency is crucial, the low ESR value decreases energy loss and heat generation, making it a great choice. Applications like power management, battery-powered gadgets, and high-speed digital circuits all benefit greatly from this capability.

Robust and dependable design:

Electronic components must be dependable, and the TPSB107K006R0400 excels in this regard. Its molded tantalum construction offers excellent stability and resistance to environmental factors such as temperature variations, humidity, and mechanical stress. This guarantees long-term effectiveness and reduces the possibility of component failure.

Space-Saving SMD Design:

The TPSB107K006R0400 capacitor is designed for simple integration into PCB layouts, conserving important board space with its 3528 surface-mount packaging. Additionally, the surface-mount architecture supports automated assembly procedures, cutting down on manufacturing time and expenses. This makes it the perfect option for small electrical gadgets when maximizing space is important.

Numerous Applications:

The TPSB107K006R0400 capacitor is used in a variety of electrical systems and industries. Examples of typical uses include:

Power supplies and voltage regulators

Audio amplifiers and filter circuits

Telecommunications equipment

Medical devices and instrumentation

Automotive electronics

Industrial control systems


The high-performance AVX Corporation Molded Tantalum Capacitor, part number TPSB107K006R0400, improves the dependability and effectiveness of electronic designs. This capacitor is an important tool in a variety of applications due to its low ESR, consistent performance, and space-saving design.

If you're interested in purchasing TPSB107K006R0400, you can find it at, where you can also find other high-quality electronic components. Sierra IC Inc offers a wide range of components at competitive prices.

Disclaimer: This is a blog for Sierra IC Inc and the information provided here is for informational purposes only. Sierra IC Inc assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the information provided. It is important to consult the manufacturer's data sheet before making any decision.

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