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An overview of the Trans MOSFET N-CH 30V 5.7A 3-Pin SOT-23 AO3400A from Alpha and Omega Semiconducto

For your upcoming project, are you seeking for an electronic component that is trustworthy and effective? Look no farther than the Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Inc. AO3400A Trans MOSFET N-CH 30V 5.7A 3-Pin SOT-23.

This high-performance MOSFET's low ON resistance and quick switching time make it perfect for a variety of uses, including voltage regulation, power management, and other things. This MOSFET can easily manage a range of power needs because to its maximum voltage rating of 30V and current rating of 5.7A.

The AO3400A is also simple to incorporate into your circuit designs because to its small 3-pin SOT-23 packaging. It is a great option for applications that require a tiny form factor since its small size enables increased power density and improved thermal performance.

It's crucial to remember that, despite its amazing features, this is only a broad overview of electrical component part numbers and is not all-inclusive. Before making any decisions, always refer to the manufacturer's data sheet. If you're interested in purchasing the AO3400A or any other electronic component, you can find it at

As a result, the AO3400A MOSFET from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Inc. is of the highest caliber and provides great performance, dependability, and adaptability. It's a fantastic option for a variety of electrical applications thanks to its small size, low ON resistance, and quick switching speed. Therefore, take into account the AO3400A from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Inc. if you want a strong MOSFET for your next project.

Note: This is a general guide on electronic component part numbers, and it's not exhaustive, always check with the manufacturer's data sheet before making any decision.


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