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An Overview of Flash Mem Parallel/Serial-SPI 2.7V to 3.6V 64M-Bit 8M x 8 6ns 8-Pin CASON

Electronic goods are increasingly using flash memory, and Adesto Technologies' AT45DB642D-CNU is a great illustration of a premium flash memory part. This part is a 64M-bit flash memory device that implements a dependable, high-speed data transfer using parallel/serial-SPI interface protocols. The component's 8M x 8 memory structure makes it perfect for a variety of uses, such as data storage, automotive, industrial control, and consumer electronics.

The AT45DB642D-CNU component is appropriate for usage in a number of electrical goods since it is made to function in the 2.7V to 3.6V voltage range. The component is housed in an 8-pin CASON, which offers good protection against the outside environment and guarantees the long-term dependability of the device. The component is ideal for high-speed data transmission applications that need quick and dependable data storage and retrieval because to its outstanding data transfer rate of 6ns.

It is simple to purchase this item since Sierra IC Inc., a reputable producer and distributor of electronic components, has it in stock. At Sierra IC Inc., we take great satisfaction in offering our clients high-quality components that satisfy their specific needs. Because we are aware of how important component quality and dependability are, we make sure that every one of our products complies with or exceeds industry requirements.

In conclusion, Adesto Technologies' AT45DB642D-CNU is a superb option for high-speed data transmission applications that demand dependable and durable data storage and retrieval. Nonetheless, we would like to warn our readers that this is only a broad overview of part numbers for electrical components and is not all-inclusive. Before making any choice, see the manufacturer's data sheet. At Sierra IC Inc., we take pride in offering our clients high-quality goods that satisfy their requirements, and the AT45DB642D-CNU is no exception. To find out more about this product and the other electrical components we sell, visit our website.

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