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AK5388AEQ 24-Bit 216K Audio IC manufactured by AKM Semiconductor Inc.

AKM Semiconductor Inc. produces the high-performance audio integrated circuit (IC) AK5388AEQ. It offers superior audio quality in a compact design. This integrated circuit is extensively used in audio recording and playback systems, mixing consoles, and audio interfaces as it was designed for professional audio applications.

With a sampling rate of 216K and a resolution of 24 bits, the AK5388AEQ ensures precise and accurate audio reproduction. The advanced 44LQFP packaging enables efficient integration into a variety of audio devices while minimizing space needs.

Disclaimer: This blog post serves as a general guide for understanding electronic component part numbers, specifically focusing on the AK5388AEQ from AKM Semiconductor Inc. Before making any purchasing decisions or design implementations, it is always recommended to consult the manufacturer's official datasheet for complete information.

Please visit, the official website of Sierra IC Inc., to purchase the AK5388AEQ or explore other electronic components. Sierra IC Inc. is a reputable provider of high-quality integrated circuits and offers an extensive selection of audio and electronic products.

This blog post is written for informational and instructional purposes for Sierra IC Inc. Before making any decisions or purchases, it is essential to verify information and specifications from official sources, such as the manufacturer's datasheet.


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